Hello, I’m Kimberly Bryant

and for over 25 years I have followed a God-given passion for flowers. l love to make crafts since I was a little girl. I would some how find a purpose for things that people would throw away (aka upcycle) I always found a use for it.

That passion transformed into sewing, interior design, floral design and computer graphics. I especially love fashion and color. I don’t have a favorite color but I’m drawn to GUESS (lime green). From there I just love helping others find their passion that God has given them.

Building my house into a home. I love to take something old and making it new. Floral design and home decorating have turned into a business for me, in turned people wanting to see more and buy my creations. And now since the internet world has exploded my designs can be shared throughout the world.

In my shop, you will see wreaths, floral arrangements, home decor, and specially ordered items. Most of my creations sell before I can get them in my Kim’s Touch Etsy store. So always check back in because you never know WHATS IN STORE